Christmas Wishes Ornaments

In an unexpected series of a events, I went from a being a stay-at-home mom who enjoys DIY projects to doing a few segments as a “DIY Expert” on a local news’ morning show.  (You can watch the first segment HERE.)   The whole thing is still quite surreal – I watch the segments and think, “Is that really ME on TV???”  I find the title of “DIY Expert” to be especially hilarious.  (I guess “stay-at-home-mom-DIYer” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it in the news industry.)  But, I’m enjoying the unexpected change of direction my path has taken.  Probably not ironically, it all began with a Pinterest project. Read more



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The Lady DIY lives in Northern California with her husband, three boys and her mom. When she’s not too busy with DIY projects around the house, she enjoys gardening, fitness and living the glamorous life of a baseball/soccer/football/Tae Kwon Do mom.

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