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How to Install Wrought Iron Spindles

This is Part Two of my staircase makeover – How to Install Wrought Iron Stair Spindles. Part One – How to Gel Stain an Oak Handrail – can be found HERE.

How to Install Wrought Iron Stair Spindles

If you’ve read Part One of my staircase makeover, you’ll know that our house was drowning in golden oak. It was EVERYWHERE, and I couldn’t wait to see it all gone. Ever since we had moved into the house five years before, I was itching to say goodbye to that golden oak bannister. But, the amount of time that would be needed to paint and/or stain the handrails and spindles held me back from getting started. Read More


Easy-to-Install Programmable Timer

DIY and Easy-To-Install Programmable Timer – really!!!

I consider myself fairly adventurous when it comes to home improvement and DIY projects.  I’ve tackled some pretty big projects, such as pulling out the wood spindles on our staircase bannister and replacing them with wrought iron.  I’m pretty comfortable using saws and power tools.  I don’t even mind getting dirty, when the situation calls for it.  But, my adventurous nature goes out the window when it comes to installing anything electrical.

Easy DIY Programmable Timer

Even though I know that I can check (and double-check) that there is no power left going to the wires on which I’m working, the (totally improbable and quite possibly crazy) idea that somehow, someway, the power MIGHT come back on really freaks me out.  Like any wise woman, I save all electrical-wiring projects for my husband.  Read More


How to Gel Stain an Oak Banister

This is Part One of my staircase makeover.  Part Two – How to Install Wrought Iron Spindles – can be found HERE.


We moved out of our starter home in November of 2011, and bought a house one street over.   Literally. Our new home was less than a mile away from our first house.

I loved everything about the new house. The floor plan was perfect for our family. My kids would continue to attend the same elementary school, and our “commute” to school dropped from a mile to about a quarter of a mile. The street was full of my kids’ friends, and the backyard had room for a pool.

I loved everything about the house, except for the VAST amount of golden oak. It was EVERYWHERE. Golden oak kitchen cabinets, golden oak bathroom cabinets, golden oak laundry room cabinets. Golden oak staircase banister and spindles. The hardwood floor that covered almost the entire downstairs? Yep…golden oak.  Read More