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Easy-to-Install Programmable Timer

DIY and Easy-To-Install Programmable Timer – really!!!

I consider myself fairly adventurous when it comes to home improvement and DIY projects.  I’ve tackled some pretty big projects, such as pulling out the wood spindles on our staircase bannister and replacing them with wrought iron.  I’m pretty comfortable using saws and power tools.  I don’t even mind getting dirty, when the situation calls for it.  But, my adventurous nature goes out the window when it comes to installing anything electrical.

Easy DIY Programmable Timer

Even though I know that I can check (and double-check) that there is no power left going to the wires on which I’m working, the (totally improbable and quite possibly crazy) idea that somehow, someway, the power MIGHT come back on really freaks me out.  Like any wise woman, I save all electrical-wiring projects for my husband.  Read More