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Zucchini, an Out-of-Control Pumpkin Plant and Rats: An Update on Suburban Vegetable Gardening

I’ve been MIA for the past few months as I’ve been up to my eyeballs in post-season Little League baseball.  Now that the Little League season is winding down, I’m excited to get back to The Lady DIY!  I’m way overdue to post an update on the progress of our suburban vegetable garden; we’re now about two and a half months in, and my intention was to post every month or so.  (You know what they say about good intentions.)

An update on suburban vegetable gardening: lots of zucchini, one out-of-control pumpkin plant, and some tomato-loving rats.

Title page for blog post Zucchini, an out-of-control pumpkin plant and rats: an update on suburban vegetable garden. A photo of the full garden.

Considering that I haven’t had much time to devote to our little garden, there are some great things happening.  We got lucky this year with the weather and actually got a few weeks of spring.  (Usually, it feels like we go from winter to 100+ degree heat within about a two-week span.)  The extra few weeks of gradually warming weather allowed the plants to get established before the heat of the summer arrived.  It also helps that my mom is an amazing gardening and has been putting in time while I’ve been MIA.

Our Suburban Vegetable Garden

Spring is absolutely, hands-down, my favorite time to get out in the yard and garden.  After a particularly wet winter in Northern California, our landscaping is looking especially vibrant and lush.  I love seeing all of the bright green, new growth covering all of the plants.

The arrival of warmer days also mean that it’s time to get our little suburban vegetable garden planted.  We have a fairly typical, suburban backyard, about three-quarters of which are occupied by our patio and pool.  We have limited space left for a garden, so I rely on container gardening and a small, raised bed garden.

Title photo for the blog post "Our Suburban Vegetable Garden." Photo of the full raised-bed garden.When planning our garden each spring, I always start with the tomato plants.  Not only do we eat a LOT of  tomatoes throughout the year, but with the abundant sunshine and HOT weather that we get during the summer, tomatoes are some of the easiest veggies to grow in our area.

Leprechaun Garden


I’ve loved miniatures since I was a kid.  

One of my earliest DIY projects was building a dollhouse from a kit.  I spent hours and hours painting, assembling, and crafting tiny, little accessories.  I still have that dollhouse; in true DIY style, it’s still a work in progress.

My love of gardening also started when I was young.  I loved helping my mom put new plants in the ground each spring, and watching how they grew.  We had lots of edibles in our garden (including my absolute favorites, raspberries); even as a child, I could appreciate the satisfaction of eating something that I had planted.  (And to this day, there is very little that compares to eating fresh raspberries that are still warm from the sun.) Read More