Welcome to The Lady DIY!  I’m so happy you’ve decided to stop by.


Allow me to introduce myself…  I’m Diana!   I enjoy so many things that fall under the umbrella of DIY – knitting, sewing, gardening, cooking, home decor.  My biggest DIY passion is finding different ways to beautify our house and make it more comfortable and homey.  I love coffee and wine (which one I love more depends on the time of day), and a great pair of cozy slippers.  I hope you’ve got a yummy beverage in-hand and a something comfy on your feet as you’re reading this!


I’m married to Chris, and I’m and mom to three active, crazy amazing boys – Austin, Brady and Blake.  I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since our oldest was 6 months old.  I hadn’t ever planned to stay at home full time, but I’ve enjoyed the “career change” SO much more than I ever would have anticipated.


My love for DIY started early, and was inspired by both my mom and my dad.  My mom is a DIY expert on her own, and taught me to sew and crochet as a kid, and how to knit and make my own jam as an adult.  She was always bringing home some craft kit or book of projects for me to work on, and still does when she finds something she thinks I’ll enjoy.   My dad worked as a General Contractor until he retired, and I loved watching him work.  Every once in awhile, he’d take me to a job site or let me help out with something that he was building at home, and those are some of my favorite memories from childhood.  The smell of sawdust still gives me warm-fuzzies.


I believe that so many good DIY projects are inspired by the desire to find a solution to a problem, such as recreating an affordable version of something much more expensive, or making something unique that can’t be purchased in a store.  I love coming up with a good DIY project that accomplishes one, the other, or both!  I’m excited to share my projects with you – my “how-to’s” as well as my “that-didn’t-go-so-well” moments.  I hope that both will be helpful for you.  So grab your cup of coffee or glass of wine, get comfy, and tuck in – I’m glad you’re here!